Book Group 1

Cheadle Hulme U3A

Book Group 1

Meetings are held in members’ homes from 10 a.m. on the first Tuesday of
each month. Meetings start with tea or coffee.

Currently, we have seven members and could accommodate one or two more.

Members take turns throughout the year to choose a book, with plenty of time allowed to enable members to acquire the books. Each member gives a brief introduction to their chosen book.

Two meetings during the year are for general discussion of books, films, TV etc. when each member brings a topic for discussion.

The December meeting has a Christmas theme, when members bring a reading of their choice.

In January, members meet for a New Year’s lunch.

There is no meeting in August.
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October, 2018 Meeting
This month’s meeting took place on Tuesday, October 2nd.
The chosen book was Annie Dunne by the renowned Irish playwright,
novelist and poet, Sebastian Barry.
The book was generally acknowledged to be an evocative and powerful
depiction of a way of life in a remote part of Ireland in the late 1950s.
The mundane daily routines on a small farm are described in what one or
two of us felt was too elaborate and flowery a fashion. However, although no
earth-shattering events occur in this story, the close, loving yet taut
relationship between the two central characters -middle-aged cousins-
is conveyed in the most moving and poignant manner.
Most of us had read other books by Barry, and the consensus was that this
was another excellent read from a masterly craftsman.

As from August, 2018, the group has contact name: Pauline Millward. Please email the website if you need a telephone number.